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Smart Farmer Program

Delivering technical excellence through service and innovation

Regardless of what the coming season brings, we want to help you maximise your Return On Investment (ROI) with our tailored Elders Smart Farmer program. Whether you are looking for innovation, aim to develop and extend your business, need to understand the latest market forecasts, or want to improve your productivity, the Elders Smart Farmer program can help increase the potential of your agribusiness.
Smart Farmer gives you access to the support and assistance of our agronomists and livestock production specialists, as well as the latest market information for your agribusiness. Our advisers work with you to drive the outcomes you need to maximise yield, improve productivity and ensure the sustainability of your farming business.

The Smart Farmer program is customised to the specific needs of your business. You can be assured that every aspect of the program is working to achieve the outcomes you’re aiming for.

Let us help you identify the greatest opportunities for your agribusiness, so you can to achieve your highest potential as a farmer.


With the Smart Farmer program, you gain access the following benefits:

  • Tailored comprehensive advice and production plans to ensure you get the most out of your farming business, including cash flow and gross margin returns by product.
  • Access to a team of technical experts who are invested in getting you the results you need.
  • Expert advice to help you mitigate or manage production challenges.
  • Access to the latest technology to help you get ahead in the industry.
  • Ongoing scheduled monitoring and testing of your produce or livestock to maximise seasonal opportunities.
  • Paddock inspections and spraying recommendations to help you control pests and diseases.

Find out how the Smart Farmer Program can help.