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Published on July 9th, 2012

A good sales team is ‘80% attitude and 20% skill’

Sales and leadership training programs will help real estate agencies boost their market share, according to one expert with his finger on the pulse.

Elders NSW franchise manager Steve Kitson believes the best way to move forward in challenging economic times is to make sure you have good leadership and a strong sales team.

"Of the real estate offices that I look after, the ones that are performing well have sales teams in excess of four people, he said.

"Any of the offices that are run on the back of one sales person are really struggling at the moment."

Mr Kitson said there is no denying how tough the residential market has been in NSW over the past few years, but he also mindful of the opportunities that come with changing conditions.

"In this market, most offices will look to reduce the number of people in their sales team, when in actual fact it is a great time to recruit and rebuild," explained Mr Kitson.

So what makes a great sales team? According to Mr Kitson, it all comes down to the right attitude and training.

Best Start and High Performance Leadership are two training programs currently offered by Elders to its members.

Along with targeting individuals with a positive attitude who are keen to have a career in real estate, these programs also give staff the skills and support they need to increase market share.

Run in small groups, the training modules are based on role-play and simulations that prepare individuals for real life experiences – which will help them to stand apart from other real estate agents.

And while the market might be tough for the next few years, a workable training model can help to develop better leadership which means that when things do finally turn around your own business will be in a better position to take advantage of a market upswing.

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