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Published on August 16th, 2012

Planners have eye on city’s west

Real estate values in western Sydney may increase if plans to move 300,000 jobs to the region are given the green light.

Urban Taskforce Australia, a powerful lobby group representing prominent property developers and equity financiers, has released its 10-point plan to fight the city's congestion problems and boost job figures (August 16).

Among one of the main suggestions put forward by the organisation was the need to create better job opportunities in western Sydney and redefine its role in the city.

"Despite the lack of higher order jobs in the region, the labour force of Western Sydney is becoming increasingly well-educated and well qualified," the Urban Taskforce Redressing The Balance report said.

According to the planning organisation, the best way to achieve this outcome is by balancing the current focus on industrial jobs to include financial services, information technology and the services industry.

This would require a sub-regional job delivery blueprint that could be used to action certain initiatives, as well as a new public body to oversee job creation.

The so-called jobs diamond – which includes Parramatta, Liverpool, Rouse Hill and Penrith – would benefit from tax breaks to business designed to encourage development in the region.

"The Jobs Diamond should accommodate up to three quarters of the region's forecast jobs growth to 2031 maximising infrastructure efficiency," the report said.

Updating current zoning laws was another issue that made its way into the report, with experts calling on a more flexible approach to construction that would encourage mixed use developments to grow in the area.

Underpinning the push towards creating a jobs hub in the west will be a massive market campaign designed to change the way people and businesses perceive the fast-growing region.


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