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Published on September 20th, 2012

SA introduces reforms to improve construction

News Limited is reporting that South Australia will see a cut in red tape for planning approval on a residential property and those who are looking to build new houses will have red tape reduced.

It's all part of any attempt to give the construction industry a shot in the arm following a meeting with industry experts, which saw premier Jay Weatherill to announce that a licensed operator could sign off on housing developments that previously had to be submitted to council.

Should proposals meet council guidelines, private licensed companies that can make approvals do so on building entire houses as opposed to just small additions, which they were previously restricted to. However proposals that do not fill all of the criteria required by the council cannot be processed in this new scheme.

Some of the criteria include fitting in which the normalities of the street, and ensuring that the house is set back from the road an appropriate distance.

A parliament vote will need to be passed for these proposals to become law but this new legislation does not apply to commercial properties being developed or to industry developments.
This new scheme is designed to not only ensure that the construction sector improves but to also regenerate some much needed funds in the state budget. A slowdown in the industry has cost the state government $2 billion in revenue.

Premier Jay Weatherhill told Adelaide Now that these changes are vital to ensure the long term health of the industry.

"We know the construction industry across the nation is struggling in the backdrop of volatile economic conditions, causing a sluggish market and slow consumer spending.

"We are now hoping that by cutting red tape and accelerating the approvals process targeting new residential construction, we may see a similar boost in the suburbs and provide a much-needed stimulus," he said.


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