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Published on October 30th, 2012

PCA welcomes panel’s recommendations

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed the Metropolitan Local Government Review Panel's release of its final report, which has recommended the introduction of 12 local governments in Perth which would be centred onactivity centres.

The executive director of PCA Joe Lenzo says that the property sector will benefit from the recommendation that state and local governments communicate better.

"The independent panel has also correctly identified the need for formal agreement between state and local government on issues of strategic significance to the entire metropolitan area and the importance of training elected members to encourage more strategic thinking," he said.

Structuring government around activity centres will more easily allow for major infrastructure to be introduced into the Perth landscape and the population of the West Australian's capital can grow at a more manageable rate as a result.

The PCA is calling for finalised version of the panel's ideas as part of the council's campaign to vote for a West Australian government that will best facilitate the needs of the property sector in next year's state elections.

Lenzo said that before the election his council would seek a response from the major parties involved in the election about their views on the restructure of local government around Activity Centres.

It comes as the suburb of Bentley in Western Australia is in the process of receiving a facelift after demolishing a Brownlie housing precinct in a bid to revitalise the area.

The minister for housing Terry Redman expects there will be 1,500 new dwellings as a result of this transformation in a mix of open space, commercial and residential buildings.

He said that this new development is based on affordability and will apply the latest principles of construction and design in its creation.

The whole project is expected to be completed by early 2013.


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