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Published on November 12th, 2012

Preparing your home for open for inspections

One of the main priorities that any vendor should put at the top of their list is to ensure their house is as presentable as possible when it comes to open for inspections.

That's the assertion of Elders Real Estate state franchise manager Geoff White.

"I always recommend to any vendor that they should go outside their property and assess their home as if they are approaching it for the first time.

"They should observe the front yard, keep their eyes open for any structural issues and walk through their home looking for as many little faults as they can find. They should aim to spend a few thousand dollars fixing the place up which could very well come back to them in the final sale price," Mr White said.

Vendors should spend time getting windows cleaned, floors scrubbed and carpets shampooed. A buyer will notice if these things the place isn't cleaned and could very well put in their mind a negative perspective of that property.

Geoff always advises his clients that they should invest in professional cleaning for their kitchen, bathrooms and other living areas. He says that by getting a skilled person to do a once over, vendors can be assured that the house is as immaculate as possible.

Vendors occasionally think that if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. That is not the case in real estate so be sure that you don't simply chuck everything in your bedroom closets. Potential buyers want to know how much storage space there is so don't think that they won't look through your bedroom drawers.

Spend a weekend throwing out clothes you don't want anymore, donating them to charity. By doing this, buyers will view your storage space and your cupboard space favourably.

More obvious things such as cracks in the walls or peeling paint should be addressed and all these things can be addressed in a short space of time. So when it comes time to actually open for inspection, a final vacuum and a vase of flowers are all that's needed to make sure your home is as pleasant as possible.


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