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Published on December 10th, 2012

Marketing your property effectively

With the year drawing to a close, now is a great time to maximise on a downturn in listings for the real estate market.

Owners who are contemplating selling often think of putting off listing a property until after the summer hiatus which means current vendors have an opportunity to capitalise on the next few months.

Geoff White of Elders Real Estate said that by providing a comprehensive advertising campaign, a vendor can maximise their chance of selling quickly and efficiently.

Geoff stated: "Sellers don't realise what can be achieved through spending that little bit extra and developing a presence.

"Owners are trying to sell their biggest financial asset and therefore, in addition to paying an agent for their services, vendors should also be investing in quality photography, a proper spread in real estate magazines and all the other little things that really boost a property's appeal."

Sellers should think about not only photography, but utilising the internet by paying for premium exposure. This means that the property would be listed higher up the page than others that haven't paid for that service.

Geoff added that there are some in the property business who like to take steps to create the impression that the property they represent is somehow "exclusive".

He commented: "When agents list a home and don't give out the address or decide not to put a board on the curb, it might be because a famous person doesn’t want their home being shown to the world.

He added that if the house is listed by appointment only, it somehow creates in the minds of potential buyers, the air of exclusivity or opulence. Geoff said he's more old-school and feels that the more exposure there is, the greater chance of success.


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