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Published on January 17th, 2013

Deciding on a house for sale

After sussing out a number of properties that take your fancy, make sure to scope out what they are like inside.

Take the time to analyse if the house for sale has enough space and fits in with what you are looking for. Pay attention to the details – a newly renovated property may be out of your budget, but it's important to figure out these features to make an informed decision moving forward.

Geoff White of Elders Real Estate said a property consultant can assist in finding a number of homes in a given area that match the needs of buyers.

He commented: "A buyers' agent can assist a client in guiding them through the process by finding a shortlist of properties that match their price range and other specific criteria.

"They take a lot of stress out of the process of buying a home."

Geoff went on to say that a new property, especially one that's been built in the last five years, probably won't need a structural examination, but that should be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Once you as a buyer are satisfied that you've found your dream home, you'll need to obtain a Vendor's Statement, which a solicitor should examine.

A statement outlines what's possible with the property – for example, Geoff says if buyers want to knock down the existing structure and build a few units on the grounds, a solicitor would check the statement to see if that's legally possible.

If everything is on the up and up, a buyer would make an offer which the vendor can accept or reject. If the vendor rejects it or makes a counteroffer, a buyer can make an alternate bid until both parties are agreed on a price.


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