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General An expert panel wants to cut down the paperwork involved in real estate.

Published on December 18th, 2014

SA expert panel wants to slash the red tape

One of the keys to an efficient real estate market is good planning. Cutting red tape can mean faster approvals, quicker construction and ultimately, an easier path for you to find property. This was what the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia intimated in their November 19 release celebrating WA government measures to cut red tape, and now it may be South Australia's turn to experience the benefits of these cuts. 

A Housing Industry Association (HIA) expert panel has released its recommendations and final report on how to improve the South Australian planning system, which has been welcomed by the industry body. 

The South Australian Regional Executive Director for the HIA Robert Harding spoke about the findings in a December 12 release, and praised a number of specific recommendations. 

"HIA particularly welcomes the consideration of improvements to the complying developments system to ensure that new homes being built on land already zoned for housing, or renovations on existing homes do not trigger a full merit review," he stated.

Mr Harding said that poor planning practices can result in slower processes which negatively impact housing affordability, so these recommendations should be picked up by governments and policy makers to ensure more people are able to get a rung up on the property ladder. 

The changes to renovation conditions would also mean people are able to more readily improve their homes – an excellent benefit for investors or those seeking homes to be done up. 

Whatever your real estate preference, the removal of red tape is surely an exciting prospect. For those whose search for property has seen the come to Adelaide or SA, this will be an even more intriguing turn of events. While no changes have been accepted or implemented by the government as of yet, it is still a positive step forward for real estate in the region. 


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