Published on November 21st, 2017

Countdown to your open inspection

It is official: you are selling your home! Hopefully, you’ve chosen a real estate agent and they’ve gone through the marketing package and strategy with you. That means it’s up to you to roll up your sleeves and get the property gleaming.

Since there are plenty of tasks that need to be attended to, it’s worth diarising these responsibilities to ensure nothing is forgotten.

5. Get packing

If you are living in the property, and particularly if you have a family, chances are that your home looks ‘lived in’. Walk around, take stock of everyone’s possessions and get started with sorting it all.

Work out what can be sold, donated or disposed of. Do this first. Then, assess what can be put into storage; for example, seasonal sporting equipment, extra toys and clothes. Store these away, either in an attic space, garage or even purchased storage. The result will be a cleaner, clearer and more inviting space.

4. Freshen up the paint job

Perhaps your home isn’t crying out for a renovation, particularly if it is already a contemporary property. However, if you’re seeing scuff marks on walls, tired paintwork or even darker colours or feature walls that just no longer work, put down the drop sheets, get out the swatches and refresh your walls.

Consider outsourcing this if time is of the essence or if you lack the skillset.

3. Finish those fiddly jobs

Have you got a faulty light switch, power point or broken latch that’s been bothering you? If it is irritating you, imagine how a prospective buyer who is walking through the home will feel about it. Don’t leave it to the eleventh hour – if a minor improvement is needed, get to the hardware store, or call in the professional if it required, and check that off of your list.

2. The great outdoors

Almost every property has an outdoor space or two, even if it’s just a balcony or a strip of garden at the front. Assess your front, side and back areas and work out any cleaning, landscaping and gardening that needs to happen. These spaces can win over buyers, especially if they entice them with relaxing vibes and inspiration for outdoor entertaining. Ensure you pay attention to these whilst preparing your home.

1. Consider a stylist

Your selling agent may suggest one anyway, but if you are lacking confidence in the style of your property, its presentation or just want to maximise the appeal of your home, a stylist could be key. If you are opting for home staging, get organised and get onto appraisals and booking for this as soon as possible. Come spring, they do get busy.

Keep that diary in check, have your first open date circled and get your to-do list done! This will ensure that when it comes for the world to meet your home, you are cool, calm, collected and market ready.


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