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Published on March 16th, 2018

Streamline your life with our home organisational tips

Moved in somewhere new? Or preparing to de-clutter in order to have your home market ready?

Even if you’re not budging for the time being, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to streamline your life and get organised for 2018. Belongings can take over our homes almost without us noticing, particularly if there are plenty of feet pounding through your house on a day-to-day basis.

A good clear out and some organisation can help you feel calm and collected in your personal castle, so here are our tips to help.


Get that sinking feeling when you look under the sink? Consider starting there. Eradicate any rubbish, unused and old cleaning supplies, give the rubbish bin a good scrub, and create a clean slate for a newly organised space.

The space under our kitchen sinks often holds a lot of things that all need to be accessed regularly. Try hanging a tension rod, available from any hardware store, under the sink near your pipes. You can hang spray bottles on this, saving space and making them easy to grab.

Pantries, too, can be a trouble zone. Groceries get buried under more recent purchases, leading to food waste and even weevils. Itemising and organising these supplies will save your family money as well as time.

Try taking everything out, and be methodical when rearranging. Any non-perishables that you don’t see yourself or your family getting to are always welcomed by charitable organisations, who collect food for vulnerable families.

When arranging your pantry items, opt for canisters, hooks, and sealable containers where you can. If you’ve got a label maker, put it to work. Clear containers make it easier to see the contents inside so that if you’re getting low on staples you’ll be able to top them up before you run out.

Put the things you use regularly on the middle shelves to minimise reaching and bending, with specialty ingredients nearer the top and bulk items on the lowest shelves.


If you have an office or study at home, it’s likely to be one of your smaller rooms. This means that it’s even more integral that you keep the space clutter-free and straightforward.

Start with a literal clean-up and scout out items that you don’t use. If you come across ink or toner cartridges for printers that you no longer have, there are places that you can donate these.

Keep supplies in one drawer or space. Round them all up and consolidate them. It will save you or your children hunting for something small whilst completing a project or homework.

Paper piling up? Go through the pile and put each piece in a filing cabinet, action tray or bin. Colour coding your filing system is a good idea, so that you can see at a glance where the financial documents are as opposed to those plans for your new kitchen renovation.


Bedrooms often have a lot of storage, from built in wardrobes to under-the-bed drawers. But because we hurry out of them in the mornings and head back in when we’re tired at the end of the day, they can become crowded and unkempt very quickly.

You deserve a calm, clear bedroom in which to take your rest, and if you’re hoping to entice buyers, they want to see the room as a place for respite as well.

Storage solutions are your friend. Make-up and toiletries are much easier to keep track of in smaller baskets or containers – wire slide-out baskets that are often purchased for A4 documents in offices can be the perfect size, and flat enough to fit in drawers. Hanging shoe storage and hooks for scarves and belts keep clutter off the ground and out of sight.


Don’t neglect your outside spaces, either. Any area used for entertaining, children’s games, cooking and relaxing all at once is bound to get a little cluttered sometimes.

Try investing in outdoor furniture that doubles as storage. Loveseats, ottomans, and even lockers can look funky and take up minimal space. These can be ideal for storing children’s toys, tools, and gardening apparatus.

If you have a garden shed, take a look around and see if there’s room to start hanging things. This will free up floor space.

Streamlining your home can result in a weight off of your shoulders, and make it much simpler to relax when you get in the door knowing that your items are organised, and your overall maintenance minimal.


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