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Published on March 20th, 2018

Elders Albury/Wodonga earns top spot in Victorian Real Estate Awards

The 2017 Elders Real Estate Annual Awards are underway. The awards are our way of shining a spotlight on the excellent work and achievements of the agents and offices in every Australian State, Territory and nationally.

The Victorian Awards were first off the blocks, with Elders Real Estate Albury/Wodonga taking out the honours for Top Office. They also won gold for Top Property Management Office.

And if that’s not all, the Albury/Wodonga office also placed third nationally within the widespread Elders network.

Such accolades were welcomed by Principals Dean Star and Jamie Maynard.

“It’s exciting: there are a lot of other agencies in the network. It’s a nice reward for all of the hard work that the team does”, confirms a very pleased Dean.

Though the recognition wasn’t all together surprising for Dean: the Albury/Wodonga office has been a multiple award winner for the past few years. Last year, they won the top awards for ‘Office Settled Sales in Victoria’ and ‘Office Gross Commission Victoria’.

“We have gone pretty well within the last few years, it’s good to see the consistency there in our work”, says Dean. “Certainly, our awards are recognised amongst the landlords and groups locally who are looking for a quality property management department.”

These recent recognitions, based on performances for the last twelve months, seem to be the result of immense teamwork. The Albury/Wodonga team is a relatively large one, making it vital that they work together effectively and communicate well.

“You can’t work as individuals within environments these days, it has got to be an open-door policy. We pride ourselves on being approachable at all levels”, confirms Dean.

The annual awards are also a wonderful time at which Principals and staff can reflect on how and why it’s very special to be a part of the widespread Elders Real Estate family:

“It really is special, we appreciate the connections that we have. We go to the conferences each year, it’s great to meet up with people from Western Australia, and South Australia, including Kangaroo Island agents. It’s quite unique. Over the years, I’ve found that different offices have been segregated within other franchise networks.”

Thankfully, the strong, interlinked community feel is very real when it comes to Elders:

“Elders is a strong brand, under one umbrella”, emphasises Dean. That’s a strength that’s allowed his team to go further and achieve more.

The quality that it seems is absolutely essential in order to gain such superb results, and consistently take out top category awards year after year: team-work.

“Hard work is key, but without our team, we are nothing. (We are) really lucky to have the team that we do have working for us and keeping the ship afloat”, says Dean.

Congratulations to Elders Real Estate Albury / Wondonga.


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