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Published on April 16th, 2018

Spotlight on Bankstown office

The phenomenal efforts of agencies across Australia and inspiring results from the last year have been celebrated at the recently held Annual Awards.

On 24 March, the NSW and ACT awards were held. It was a welcome result for expert agents in Bankstown, who took home the top award for NSW / ACT.

It wasn’t just the data that added up to receiving this fine accolade.

Long-term Managing Director Joseph Mouwad attributes their success to an overall positive atmosphere and enthusiasm that has been long present in the office.

“A compliment needs to go to our whole office – our office was buzzing all the time; the market was strong. There was just a vibe (over) the last three years, the vibe has been fantastic.”

Joseph started working in the real estate industry in 1983. He has owned the office since 1988, and it has been Elders Real Estate Bankstown for nineteen years.

Having stayed local for his whole working life, he is regarded as a home-grown expert, mentor and go-to professional for all things property. His longevity has stood him in good stead, with consecutive awards as testament to his skills.

And what did he think of the awards night itself?

“It was pretty overwhelming, the amount of awards that the office won. The venue was fantastic, it was a great night all round.”

The Sydney market always attracts media attention, and it’s an exciting place to work. In the Bankstown area, house prices have grown by 11.9% per year over the past five years, meaning a solid return to investors.

One area where there has been a lot of activity is in new developments, and the Bankstown office has benefited from that.

“There was a fair bit of activity in the Sydney market in the last few years” explains Joseph. “We were involved in a few great developments, which probably boosted our figures up.”

Not only have those developments meant high numbers on the sales side, they’ve led to management opportunities as well. With many investors buying off the plan and renting out to tenants, Joseph draws a direct link between the development and management opportunities.

“We managed to work with quite a few developments and that’s where the property management side grew as well”, he explains. With years of experience in both property management and sales it’s no surprise that owner-investors turned to his team to manage the property for them.

Where to from here? The NSW market, which has demonstrated strong growth year after year, seems to be slowing down. For Joseph and his team, though, that doesn’t translate to a slowdown.

“The market itself recently has slowed down a little as far as stock goes. But we’re not really seeing that in the marketplace, there are still great properties coming onto the market. It can be confusing to predict what’s going to happen, but I think we should deal with it as it comes and be open”, he says.

A positive and willing attitude, a penchant for new and exciting developments and a keen eye on the market all seem to have served this office very well indeed.

The awards were a testament to their huge success as a hardworking team.

Congratulations again, Elders Real Estate Bankstown.


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