Running a business can be a stressful experience. From starting up and creating the venture through to sustaining it with marketing – keeping your business financially stable can be a daunting task . Sometimes you may find it necessary to find new premises from which to operate your business, whether this be to expand, consolidate or simply seek a better location. But the thought of undertaking this alone can be stressful.

However, the team at Elders Real Estate are there to help you achieve your commercial property goals. Regardless of whether you want to buy, sell or lease commercial real estate, their expertise and insight will facilitate the process and ensure you get the best deal possible.

They specialise in selling a wide range of different property types. Everything from office spaces and warehouses through to retail properties, farm land and storage facilities can be worked through the expert agents at Elders, who will work their hardest to find a buyer willing to meet your expectations. Taking your wants and needs into consideration will help them secure the best possible commercial property result for you and your business.

How can an Elders Real Estate agent help?

One of the best reasons for working with an Elders Real Estate agent is they work alongside you to help you achieve your goals. This starts right from the beginning, when they help you identify the reasons behind your decision to sell. For example, depending on whether you’re interested in maximising the return on your current property or looking to downsize in order to release equity, engaging a professional and dedicated real estate agent can help you reach your goals.

Furthermore, they can help you achieve a quick sale. If there are circumstances surrounding your situation that require this, it could be possible to organise a fast sale in order to get you free of your commercial real estate as fast as possible.

Finally, if your end goal is to build up a property portfolio of investment commercial property, Elders can help you as well. Establishing a viable, profitable portfolio can be a difficult endeavour to undertake alone, but seeking the advice and insight of experienced real estate professionals will help you create a strong property base and move forward into the future.

What is the Elders process?

Keeping it as simple and straightforward as possible is of the utmost importance to the Elders Real Estate team. This helps streamline the sales process and get you the results you desire without hassle. After listening to exactly what it is you want from the sale of your commercial property, your agent will carry out a detailed appraisal of your real estate, including the suggested method of sale and an estimate of the overall value of the property.

Following this, a detailed and highly personalised and targeted marketing campaign will help attract the right types of buyers for your property, weeding out the unsuitable and further help facilitate the overarching sales process with ease. Managing enquiries and working through negotiations will also be taken care of by your Elders Real Estate agent, allowing you to relax knowing the sale of your commercial property is being handled by professionals.

During all this, you’ll be kept well informed about the process, allowing you to be as hands on with the sale as you would like. Information such as the number of property views, the amount of serious enquiries and any substantial feedback will be provided to you, ensuring you never miss a single thing about the status of your commercial real estate sale.

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