ProfitablityThe business world is more competitive than ever. Subsequently, getting off the ground and keeping company capital flowing has its challenges. If you are part of the Elders Real Estate franchise network, the whole process can be made a lot easier.

Our franchise management team can help you create a business model which is both sustainable and profitable in the long term. Here’s how:


We have an extensive history within the real estate sector, possessing a level of knowledge that can help your business grow and prosper. Knowing your market and where the potential for profit lies is the first step.

Our experienced office and field support staff are ready and willing to unveil any hidden avenues of interest within your marketplace. We partner with industry leaders to make sure that everything from your business planning, cashflow forecasts and legal structures are all robust enough to deal with the rigours of today’s business world.


Identifying the direction in which your business should go is one thing, but putting those ideas into practice is another. We have partnered with top leaders in sales and customer relationship management across Australia to create Elders mydesktop.

This powerful resource can enable you to manage your listings, contacts and client communications through one platform. This means that you have unrivalled capability to systemise your office, and keep a close eye on whether the business is following its defined strategy.


When you join the Elders Real Estate franchise network, there will be a huge amount of business potential on offer. Fulfilling it can be made easy thanks to our support staff and educational programmes.

They can help you proactively lay out a plan for where you want to be, and assist you in addressing any issues that are hindering business development.

Furthermore, our comprehensive enterprise diagnosis will help you identify the the top revenue drivers and most efficient cost savers around your business, and aim to progress them further.


We appreciate more than most that it can be incredibly hard work to constantly turn a profit. Therefore, we are happy to let our top performers know that they are doing well, and celebrate with them accordingly.

We believe that our mix of half yearly and annual awards functions are the best way to toast success while also offering more encouragement that can promote a profitable and productive business environment.


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