Anyone interested in a change of pace from the fast-moving metropolitan lifestyle of Australia’s capital cities could be wondering about the options of adopting a rural lifestyle and buying a small farm in the nation’s regional outback. These are known as hobby farms or lifestyle allotments and can offer some much-needed reprieve from the hectic city life many of us have grown accustomed to. Working alongside an Elders Real Estate agent can help you find the perfect piece of land for you and your family.

What is a lifestyle property?

A lifestyle property – or hobby farm – is a rural property established and maintained without the expectation of providing the main source of income for the occupants. Often these homes are held as a sanctuary of some sort, allowing the owners to escape from the city and have their own private haven in the regional areas of Australia. But this doesn’t mean the property can’t be used like an actual farm.

Many owners of lifestyle properties have small-scale agricultural operations, like growing fruit or vegetables during the appropriate seasons and having a small degree of self-sustainability. Furthermore, hobby farms are a great place for families to keep animals like horses without having to worry about paying for stables, as well as keeping the animal within close proximity for the family to visit and ride.

Having the facilities available also means some owners decide to keep livestock on their farms. Cows, chickens and pigs are just some of the more common animals kept, fed and looked after on lifestyle allotments – providing the entire agriculture experience for you and your family. If this is something you’re interested in, it could be worth making a note of these things before approaching the real estate market.

This way you can specify the needs of your rural property search, including things like appropriate fencing and housing for the animals you decide to keep, as well as potential food and water sources for them. Things like troughs or ponds need to be easily accessible for your livestock, ensuring they have water available to them at all times – especially during the hot summer months.

How can Elders Real Estate help?

Speaking with an Elders Real Estate agent can provide you with a professional insight into the market, allowing you to make the best possible small farm decision for your future. With their expansive knowledge of local markets, you’ll find yourself in good hands regardless of what part of the country you’re looking in. If you’re hoping to sell your rural real estate, these agents will take the time to listen to your needs and provide you with a free no obligation appraisal.

Furthermore, they will create a detailed report about your property to help inform potential buyers – facilitating the sales process and aiding your success. Factoring this in with the local market statistics will ensure you create a realistic sales price for the property, as well as working towards your sales expectations. This is especially important in a rural environment, which can vary in value and popularity compared to metropolitan environments.

Keeping you informed throughout the process will ensure the end result is within your expectations , providing you with a say in every aspect of the sale. These real estate experts work towards helping you secure the best return on your rural property, allowing you to achieve the rest of your property goals in the future.

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