Given the size of the agriculture and resource sectors in Australia, it’s no surprise the rural real estate market across the nation is a strong section of the property landscape. Regardless of whether you’re interested in buying or selling property, contacting the experts at Elders Real Estate will help you successfully achieve your rural real estate goals. Australia is a large country, with wide and varied regions – each with their own real estate benefits and drawbacks.

Therefore, seeking the advice of professional real estate practitioners will become increasingly important. If you’re looking into purchasing a small farm or similar property types, researching the various factors that can affect the outcome of your purchase – whether for occupation or investment – will help ensure success and satisfaction with your decision.

The same applies when you decide to sell your rural real estate. The experts at Elders Real Estate can facilitate the sales process through a number of means, allowing you to achieve the best possible return on your investment. Our experienced staff have a passion for helping property owners sell their real estate, as well as having a wide range of knowledge about selling various types of rural property types.

How can an Elders real estate agent help you sell your rural property?

They can find buyers for a wide range of rural and regional real estate including irrigation, dairy, cropping, horticulture, pastoral, viticulture and lifestyle. Regardless of the reasons for selling, your Elders agent will use all of the skills and connections at their disposal to help make a successful, stress free sale transaction occur. We understand that land is often the biggest asset many farm owners have, which means making the decision to sell hasn’t been made lightly.

Selling rural property through an Elders real estate agent means receiving a comprehensive service, encompassing a wide range of different characteristics to work towards securing a satisfactory sale result. For example, major emphasis is placed on building a marketing campaign around your property. This is to ensure we find someone who fully appreciates your rural real estate and is willing to pay the best price possible.

Furthermore, high degrees of communication are maintained at all times between you and your agent. This will ensure you are kept informed of the progress of the sale. Every step of the sale process will be handled by your agent, who is working towards providing you with all the information needed to make an informed sales decision. Negotiations will also be undertaken by your agent on your behalf, with their years of experience aiding your chance of achieving a successful sale.

This is just some of an Elders agent’s role in the sale of your rural property. Some of the other duties include:

  • Carrying out a no obligation appraisal of your property – helping you gain an idea about your property’s overall position in the local rural market and providing a launch pad for your marketing campaign
  • Analysis of the marketplace with regards to trends both local and national – providing an expert insight into the potential of your rural real estate in comparison to the wider regional context
  • Engage with all potential buyers in order to secure the best possible result
  • Recommend the best sales method for your rural property – depending on what will suit the local market at the current time 

If you’re interested in selling rural property, contact Elders Real Estate today. Their knowledgeable and experienced experts will work towards securing a great result – an important thing to consider when selling assets as large as rural land.

Other options?

You may also be considering other options related to rural property, such as water trading

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