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The 8 Types of Property Buyers: Which Type Are You? 

The 8 Types of Property Buyers: Which Type Are You? 

Have you ever wondered what kind of home buyer you are? There’s a lot of different types out there. From first time buyers who can’t contain their excitement to seasoned investors, everyone’s on a unique journey.

Ever wonder what type of property buyer you are?

Here are the 8 most common types of property buyers, and maybe you’ll spot yourself—or a friend—in one of these categories!

1. The Downsizers:

Imagine trading in a big family house for something a little smaller. That’s these buyers in a nutshell. Their kids have left home, or maybe they’ve just retired. They’re looking for something low maintenance, ideally near amenities, or even the ocean. Oh, and don’t underestimate their tech skills—they’re online house-hunting just like the rest of us are!

2.First Home Buyers:

The dream! They’re usually newlyweds, young families, or single buyers. Itching to find that perfect starter home. Think entertaining in the backyard and having room for a family pet. They’ve probably binge-watched every home renovation show, and they’re envisioning a future in their first home.

3. The Up-Sizers:

These potential buyers are feeling pretty good about life. Maybe they got a promotion, or they’ve got another kid on the way. Either way, they’re ready for a home that’s a step up with extra bedrooms? a home office, or maybe they’ve always wanted that home with a pool.

4. Luxury Lovers:

Think high-end. We’re talking penthouses, beachfronts, and even rural estates. These buyers might even roll up with their interior designer or personal assistant to open homes.

5. The Investor:

The savvy money movers. they are smart at identifying the long-term potential of a property. Don’t be surprised if they own properties, they’ve never even set foot in. These buyers are looking to build upon their existing property portfolio.

6. Long Gamers:

They’re renters now, but homeowners in the making. They’re smart with their finances, usually on first-name terms with their bank, and are just saving up for that perfect moment to take the home-ownership step.

7. The Fixers and Flippers:

These are your DIY gurus. They see diamonds in the rough everywhere and have a knack for turning the worst homes into the ‘wow’ homes. You’ll likely catch them at the local hardware store or glued to a home reno show on TV.

8. Young & Tech-Savvy Millennials:

Picture your friend who’s always scrolling through property listings during their lunch breaks. They’re into the urban vibe, even if they’re in the suburbs, and are super connected with tech. Does the property have fast internet and is nearby cafes? Then count them in!

So, which one are you? Or do you know someone who fits these buyer types?

No matter what type you are. If you’re looking to buy, sell, rent or invest. Elders is here to guide you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Elders office for some expert advice on your property journey.