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Elders Residential Real Estate debuts brand refresh

Elders Residential Real Estate debuts brand refresh

Elders Real Estate is delighted to today unveil a full brand refresh for its residential arm, across more than 300 offices nationally.

The new branding features sophisticated, stand-out text and more vibrant colour options. While the new palette still employs the iconic red and white, it also features lighter tones, such as stone and spray blue.

Elders General Manager Brand and Residential Real Estate Belinda Connor said the transformation thoughtfully reworks foundational elements of the Elders brand.

“Our agents and staff operate in regional and metropolitan markets all across Australia, in every corner of our vast country. It is important that the refreshed brand can adapt to all regions, while maintaining the cohesiveness of the Elders brand,” Ms Connor said.

“The refreshed look is a nod to the strength and history of the Elders brand, while also perfectly positioning our residential real estate arm for an exciting future ahead. As we kick off celebrations for Elders’ 185th year of operation in Australia, this is the first of several exciting initiatives we’ll launch to our network.”

“In recent months we have grown significantly, welcoming 20 new offices throughout 2023. We are also delighted that the Elders Real Estate family will be growing again shortly, with eight new offices coming on board in March. We are committed to creating new avenues for success.”

The brand refresh is being rolled out across more than 300 offices this week, including both digital and physical touchpoints.

Elders Real Estate Marketing Manager Krystal Ind said the refresh, which also includes the rollout of a new design portal, will be a new advantage and edge for Elders agents.

“The new toolkit will allow for far more flexibility for our agents in their marketing,” she said.

“The whole visual presence of Elders Residential Real Estate will dramatically change, from signboards, to printed material, to our social media presence, and even the more mundane aspects like stationery.

“Our new modern, sophisticated brand is part of our plan to attract new agents and grow our network.”

As one of Australia’s most experienced agencies, Elders Real Estate is committed to providing outstanding real estate services for clients. With agents and offices serving communities all across Australia, the Elders Real Estate national network offers specialists in residential, rural, commercial and property management.