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Gift guides for every home owner

Gift guides for every home owner

Gift guides for women, gift guides for kids, we’ve all seen the lists. But what really determines the kind of presents people want? The space they have to put it in. A young couple just starting out in their first apartment might need to stock their kitchen from scratch. Their parents, on the other hand, may finally be getting rid of all that family equipment and enjoying a simpler life without the gadgets.

For that reason, we bring you a gift guide designed to fit the kind of home people live in. Happy shopping!

The starter home

Know a young couple or singleton just starting out? They might have bought an apartment or unit, or even scraped up the cash for a small house. Whatever the property looks like, chances are that it’s not yet completely furnished. Why not help them get established?

Le Creuset makes cast iron kitchen equipment that will literally last a lifetime. These are true investment pieces, and the perfect gift to christen a new home.

There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed in your very own bedroom in your very own home. Make it even more luxurious with linen sheets from Bedthreads. Available in a range of gorgeous colours, they’re light and cool in summer and buttery-soft all year round.

Unless your new home owners have bought a brand new apartment, there’s probably some DIY work to be done in their starter home. Help them out by putting together a DIY beginners’ toolkit. Or get a start in the garden with beautiful gardening tools by Opinel.

The family home

Know someone with a larger house? Maybe they’ve upgraded because their family has expanded, or they’re just spending more time inside. Either way, this group will appreciate gifts that help them enjoy their home.

Help them make the most of the great outdoors with play equipment that’s bound to delight. Whether it’s a ginormous inflatable unicorn sprinkler or a swim centre lounge, there’ll be plenty of chance to cool off in the summer heat.

Make family movie night really special with best-in-class home theatre equipment from Sonos. Fit out the family room with voice-controlled smart sound bars offering cinematic sound quality for a truly immersive experience.

And of course, larger families mean more time in the kitchen. A popcorn maker will bring joy to the whole household. If you want to get serious, a KitchenAid mixer is at the top of every chef’s wish list!

The downsizer

The older friends and family in your life may have downsized to a smaller and low maintenance property. If so, they’ve no doubt recently gone through a serious declutter of their own. The last thing this group wants is more bulky items to fill up their newly-shrunken space. Think experiences instead.

Why not get them an Ancestry DNA kit? They’ll find out their ethnic background, the path their family took to get to where they are now, and more fascinating details about their family history.

With more free time on their hands, maybe your downsizers would like a picnic basket? This two-person Richmond hamper comes with everything you need for a romantic tete-a-tete, including wine, chocolate and gourmet biscuits.

And while this group may no longer have a high maintenance garden, everyone likes some fresh greens. This Urban Greens microgreens growing kit will fit on any windowsill, making it ideal for urban apartment dwellers.

Of course, these ideas are just the beginning. In 2020, it’s more important than ever to support your local businesses. Why not go in and ask for their help in picking out the perfect present?

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