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Three kitchen trends on their way out

Three kitchen trends on their way out

Interior decorating trends come and go, and kitchens are no exception. From industrial-style stainless steel bench tops and concrete floors to a mid-century retro feel, kitchens are evolving all the time.

As the room at the heart of your home, the kitchen is a vital one to get right and reflect your very personal tastes. And if you’re remodelling to sell, it’s even more important that your kitchen impresses. The old adage that kitchens sell houses has a lot of truth in it.

A new kitchen isn’t a cheap prospect. Prices vary depending on size and quality, but most kitchens come in at between $20,000 and $50,000 without major structural work. If you’re thinking of redoing yours, you want a look that will last the distance. For some people that means adopting a classic aesthetic. Others prefer to stay ahead of the trend to achieve a modern look that won’t date.

Whatever your style, here are three trends that are definitely on their way out, and how you can opt for a more up to date look instead.

Industrial kitchens

Kitchens which look like they belong at the back of a trendy city restaurants have been popular for some time, but the trend is moving firmly away from this look. While stainless steel appliances remain the top choice for kitchen designers, stainless steel bench tops and islands are becoming a thing of the past.

Introduce natural finishes into your kitchen instead. Timber bench tops or flooring, hanging greenery and brushed satin textures all add warmth to a kitchen. Splashbacks are also moving away from mirrors and glass and towards textured finishes that add interest, like pressed tin or marble. Mixing and matching textures is an emerging trend that’s here to stay a while, so let your creative side shine!

Glossy white finishes

The white kitchen is a timeless classic, but you might want to rethink the high gloss look. Especially where cabinetry, countertop and splash back are all white, the end result can feel a little impersonal.

Instead, the trend is towards darker palettes which mix matte blacks and charcoals with lighter elements. That might mean dark cabinets and light bench tops, or a moody splashback in a natural-look material. Black is also making a show in tap ware, handles and other fixtures.

If you’re working with a small kitchen, or one without a lot of natural light, the idea of an all-black look might be too confronting. Consider other colour options, from burnt oranges for a retro feel or pops of teal to add interest. A subtler way to add in some of that fashionable black is to introduce black appliances against a lighter palette.

Gone, too, are the handle-less push-to-open cabinets that have been popular in recent years: hardware is back, and it’s a great way to add visual contrast. Metallics are an emerging new trend, and they play brilliantly as hardware. Gold or brass accents against dark cabinets add glamour to the room. Consider oversized, ornate designs for added wow factor.

Signboards and sayings

It might be a set of wooden letters spelling out EAT or FAMILY. It might be a blackboard filled with cursive sentiments like “In this house we laugh together”. Whatever form it takes, this is one trend that’s had its day. This was a trend that took off fast, with signage popping up everywhere from high end stores to discount outlets. Over exposure to the concept means it can look a little tacky, and it definitely dates you.

This one’s easy to update, though, since there are few things easier than changing a sign. If you want to inject a personal touch to your kitchen, customise it to your actual taste with some meaningful ornaments or a family photograph. Open shelving, which is popping up in kitchens across the country, provide an ideal spot for decorative touches. Potted plants, a noticeboard with reminders or even a quirky chair in a corner of the space make the room feel warm and welcoming – without a sign telling you so!

The eclectic, retro feel of the latest kitchen trends means that you can get really creative with your renovation. And whether you’re planning to live in it yourself, or sell the property on, this is one project that will really repay you. So get out the mood boards, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy!

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