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Bathroom Renovations 101

Bathroom Renovations 101

There’s nothing more luxurious than sinking into a deep, hot bath at the end of a busy day. No wonder, then, that the benchmarks for bathrooms are being set higher and higher. As our lives get busier, our homes become a haven of rest and relaxation. In reflection of this trend, present day builds and renovations increasingly showcase luxurious bathrooms as a centrepiece of the home.

If it’s time to renovate your bathroom, you might already have some ideas of your own. Turning them into reality, though, is another matter. Here’s our guide on how to approach your renovation.

Decisions, decisions

A bathroom renovation consists of the actual plumbing, being the pipework, drainage and cistern (that would be your toilet), the fittings and finally the aesthetic finish.

When it comes to a total renovation, there’s a lot of things to decide. Some of them are aesthetic decisions, while others will affect the usability of the space.


Consider whether the current location of your bath, shower, toilet and sink work for you. Changing the layout can mean changing the pipework, ducting and power points to match, which adds to the cost of your renovation. On the other hand, it can also open up a tight space or allow for a little luxury, so the choice is up to you.


Your choices of bathroom furniture will depend on space as well as taste. There are plenty of space-saving vanities on the market if you’re working in a small area, while a larger bathroom lets you splurge on storage.

Think, too, about how you plan to use the space. If a deep soaking tub is your priority, you might be happy to squeeze other furniture around it; others may eschew a bath altogether in favour of a sleek frameless shower.

Luxury touches

Sometimes it’s the little things that turn your bathroom into a luxury spa.

If you live in the chillier parts of the country, maybe you want to let yourself be tempted by underfloor heating. If you’re using your bathroom to primp for nights out, maybe a full length mirror is on the cards. Consider adding somewhere to sit, or building in a wall niche for a glass of wine while you bathe. One or two little extras can elevate your bathroom from bland to bountiful.

No matter what you decide, be aware that there are Australian Safety Standards that apply. Your layout and products must comply with these, which is one good reason for hiring a licensed plumber and builder to help.

Your renovation is also a great time to check that your products are up to the standard you prefer. You might want to replace an old hot water heater, or adjust the water pressure.

Engage an expert

Once you’re ready to get started with the process, you need to bring in those who do this for a living. You can engage a builder, who will project manage the various tradespeople required. Or you can individually source a plumber, tiler, electrician and perhaps carpenter, depending on the work required.

The rule of three is often a wise one when it comes to wet areas – compare three different quotes if you can, to see where the price point is sitting. Ask the right questions, such as timeframes and materials, and don’t be afraid to adjust your vision based on advice.

Prepare your alternative wash space

If you’re living in the home, get ready to shower elsewhere!

The processes of a bathroom renovation can include various preparation stages, including the initial demolition stage. If you have a second bathroom, you could get along just fine. If this isn’t the case, you will need to think about scheduled shower trips at an obliging neighbour’s house, or booking into temporary accommodation for the duration.

A bathroom renovation can take anywhere from two to six weeks, and in some cases even longer, depending on the scope of the work. It sounds obvious, but that bathroom will be off-limits during this time.

As with any project that happens on your watch and within your home, you need to keep track of it to make sure it aligns with your goals, ideal outcome and budget.

Being informed every step of the way will help you keep your cool. An up-to-the-minute bathroom will be your prize. And when it’s all over, you’ll be able to lie back and relax!

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