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Five ways to create the perfect winter interior

Five ways to create the perfect winter interior

Winter is the time to curl up and hibernate inside, safely tucked away from bitter winds and icy rain. With the great outdoors far less tempting than usual, this is the right time of year to turn your attention to your interior instead

Here are five ways to create a winter interior so sumptuous you won’t want to leave home until spring:

1. Embrace texture

Soft velvet cushions, plush throws, fur rugs – thick luxurious fabrics will warm up a room in no time at all. Drape your chairs in soft blankets to capture body heat, layer throws on the couch and line floors with thick coverings that will exclude drafts and welcome your chilly toes.

With so many textural elements in play, it’s important to stick to a single tonal scheme so your interior doesn’t become too busy and chaotic. Pick complementary colours for a cohesive effect.

Don’t neglect the bedroom, either. For a great night’s sleep that keeps chills at bay, invest in soft flannelette sheets with woollen and cashmere throws piled on top of your quilt.

2. Diffuse the lighting

We’re approaching the shortest days of the year, and chances are that it’s dark before you come home at night. Cast away the grey overcast day with some great lighting inside to set the scene.

Diffused lighting, through the use of floor and desk lamps, is kinder and more welcoming than harsh overheads. Opt for bulbs with a yellow undertone for a warm lighting effect that adds instant character. A statement light can be a great feature piece in a living room.

For some people, the lack of light in winter can have real and measurable effects on their mood that sometimes rises to the level of clinical depression. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, consider investing in a special lamp that seeks to replicate the effect of daylight and improve your mood.

3. Make friends with house plants

There are plenty of reasons to have plants in your house all year round, but never so much as in winter. House plants make excellent natural air purifiers, which is particularly important in winter when we keep our windows and doors closed. They decrease levels of stress and anxiety, and increase feelings of wellbeing – vital during those long dark days of winter.

Try low maintenance options like bamboo and spider plants, or even stylish options like the dark foliage of a potted olive tree. Your plants will make attractive decor as well as helping you stay healthy in the winter cold.

4. Make a feature of the heater

Your heater really comes into its own in winter, so why not lean into it and make it the feature of the room? With modern stylish fireplaces and electric heaters flooding the market, you can find the perfect look to suit your decor. Choose from vintage wright iron fireplaces to minimalist ethanol heaters – there’s one for every budget.

If you have a wood burning combustion heater or open fireplace, you can also use your firewood as a decorative element. Stack it up thoughtfully for a cosy, timeless feel that can warm you up even before you light it.

5. Add pops of colour

When it’s dreary outside, your interior can feel washed out and grey. Try adding some bright pops of colour to your interior to counterbalance this effect. Accent cushions and throws offer a quick and inexpensive way to brighten up your rooms, and can be easily switched out when the weather warms up again.

Your walls are another spot for colour. Add personality to your rooms with bright artwork and wall hangings. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars at the local art gallery: a framed crayon drawing by your beloved child will do just as much to cheer up a dark corner as a Jeffrey Smart might do.

There’s plenty to love about winter, and a little attention to your interior will make it all the more welcome. Curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and embrace the great indoors!

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