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Colour trends for 2019

Colour trends for 2019

Pantone, has announced its Colour of the Year 2019. This year, the trophy goes to Living Coral, an orangey-pink shade with “golden undertones”, according to Pantone.

Pantone takes its annual colour very seriously, tasking the Pantone Colour Institute with analysing the latest in colour trends and colour influences to come up with the award. Since the company offers its Colour Matching Technology to a range of industries including textiles, fashion, interior design and architectural design, its choice both describes and proscribes the latest colour trends.

But Living Coral isn’t the only colour that’s on trend this year. It sits within a broader palette of colours, all of which pay homage to the natural world. So if you’re looking for fresh decor inspiration, here’s how to incorporate the latest colour looks. Paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform a space, so get inspired and grab a brush!

Greens and blues

Head deep into the forest for dark, moody green and blue shades like Benjamin Moore’s Hunter Green and Dulux’s Mountain Lake. Deep and saturated, they’re gender neutral and offer a range of uses. Because they’re dark, you won’t want to paint an entire room in these shades. Instead, use them in cabinetry, accent walls or entrances, as well as anywhere with an abundance of natural light.

Look out for moody blues in lighter shades, as well. Valspar’s Seattle Haze mixes in some misty grey to create a serene colour that’s ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, while lilac greys are starting to make their presence known in the neutral space.

Pinks and oranges

Pantone’s Living Coral is only one contender here, with pale pinks also continuing to trend strongly. We might eventually see a downtrend of the ‘millennial pink’ that’s dominated decor for the past few years, but not quite yet. Wattyl’s Tombola showcases the look.

Try mixing pink with white for a sweet girls’ bedroom, contrasting it with orange for a vibrant pop of colour or pairing it with charcoals and greys to soften an otherwise masculine space.


In speaking about the Living Coral choice, Pantone predicted a shift towards optimistic colours in general. And what’s more optimistic than yellow?

This year’s palette is moving away from bright yellows and pastels towards more complex hues with shades of orange. Try Sherwin Williams’ Afternoon for a rich, golden hue, or the muted ochre of Dulux’s Earthy Cane. Pair them with moody guys or use them as an accent in rooms which need a little more light.


In another nod to nature, 2019’s neutrals reflect the colours of organic material. Wood inspired shades of pine and ash, charcoal greys, mushrooms and pewter are all on display.

The beauty of neutrals is their ability to provide a blank canvas for your decor. Start with a pale grey or terracotta and pair with stronger natural tones or contrast metallics using soft furnishings, artwork and furniture. You’ll create a softer effect than if you chose white walls, and the shade will cover up any flaws more readily.

At the end of the day, your house is your home and you should always choose the colours that make you feel best. Neutral palettes are the safest option if you’re planning to sell or rent out the property, but if this is your forever home and you want a hot pink bathroom – go for it! Whatever you choose, 2019’s palette offers a range of options for every taste.

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