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On trend heating options for your home

On trend heating options for your home

Today’s heating options go beyond keeping you warm. They provide a focal point for the home, encouraging the family to gather in a communal area. It’s important, therefore, that they suit the tone and layout of your particular space, as well as fitting in with your lifestyle.

Here are a few of the latest options to consider.

Wood fires

Wood fires have been around since the dawn of humanity, and they’re currently enjoying a well deserved revival. Wood is a sustainably harvested source of heat, and a wood fire is unbeatable for creating that cosy ambience.

Pellet heaters, which have been popular in the US for a while, are making an appearance in the Australian market. Rather than wood logs, they burn pellets generated from sawmill offcuts that would otherwise be wasted.

Electric fireplaces

Want a decorative option without the mess of real wood? Check out the latest electric fireplaces. Using the latest LED lighting technologies, electric fireplaces can mimic the effect of an open flame more convincingly than ever. They’re low maintenance, energy efficient and can be used in apartments or strata title as they don’t need to be flued in. Choose from a wide range of options, including modern floor standing pieces that create a visual feature in the room as well as wall mounted heaters that will fade into the background.

Ethanol heaters

Ethanol heaters give you the option of real flame without the coals and debris of wood. They create a warm ambience, ideal for entertaining, and come in a range of surrounds. Look for options with mirrored backs to multiply the flame effect and create an eye-catching design piece in your entertaining pace.

Underfloor heating

Waking on a winter morning and dreading the icy floor beneath your toes? Reluctant to climb out of a hot bath into a chilly bathroom? Underfloor heating is the answer here.

The latest trend in underfloor heating is hydronic heating. It runs on natural gas, and running costs are only about a third of the older electric systems. You can further reduce the overhead with solar hot water panels, but make sure you have a backup in winter, when you’ll get less sunshine.

Smart heating

Smart home technology is here with a vengeance, and smart heating forms an important part of that advance. You can set your smart thermostat to come on an hour before you wake in the morning, or to ensure that your house is warm and cosy when you arrive back from work on a dark winter’s night.

There are a range of smart thermostats on the market, which sync with different smart technologies. Some allow you to heat one zone of your house and not others, making the heating more efficient. You can even sync them with your underfloor heating so that first step in the door is a warm one!

Air conditioning

For a year-round solution that controls the climate throughout your house, reverse cycle air conditioning is still the go-to option. Here, too, technology is advancing to create clever options that do more than ever before.

Once used only in commercial systems, Variable Refrigerant Volume systems are now appearing in the domestic market. These allow you to enjoy individual zone control without the need for ductwork, making them ideal for flat or low ceilings, all with a pleasingly seamless design.

Clean Air Systems are also making their presence felt in the latest systems. These include filters that deodorise and purify your air as it cools or heats it, removing chemicals from ammonia and hydrogen sulphide as well as pollen, dust and viruses. Ideal for pet owners or anyone living with allergies, this is the forefront of climate control.

To keep your house truly warm and welcoming this winter, consider a mix of options. Perhaps a clean air system zoned throughout the home, with cosy underfoot heating in the bathroom and a beautiful ethanol heater in the lounge? Whatever you opt for, talk to the experts to get advice on the system that works for you.

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