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The freshest new decor trends for spring

The freshest new decor trends for spring

Could that be sunshine streaming into our homes? Yes, spring is finally upon us. As well as bringing longer days and a relief from soaring power bills, spring tends to show us our homes in a whole new light. While you’re throwing open the windows and scrubbing away the winter dirt, consider whether your decor might need a face lift.

This year’s freshest new trends are all about comfort and luxury, with textures and colours playing a huge role. Hop on board and try out these brilliant new decor ideas.

1. Bright warm colours

Banish dull winter hues and brighten up your home with the latest in colour trends.

The 2019 Pantone Colour of the Year was Living Coral: a soft coral with golden undertone which the designers say evokes ‘life-affirming comfort’. Pair it with peachy pinks, pale beige and chocolate brown for a palette that’s both bright and delicious or get poppy with lime greens and dazzling pinks.

If you prefer a softer look, consider layering your room with tonal hues. Pick your favourite pastel for a base and add cushions or ornaments in brighter or deeper versions for a soothing effect.

2. Thick curvy furniture

When you’re choosing a statement piece for the lounge, think voluptuous curves. Plump, extravagant shapes are replacing lean Scandinavian lines in armchairs and couches. Well upholstered arms and seats create a space to sink into.

Dial up the luxe with velvets and suedes, or drape it with faux-fur throws for an effect that’s definitely off-limits to kids!

3. Natural materials

Natural textures and materials have been getting bigger for the past couple of years. Spring is the perfect time to embrace these materials if you haven’t already. Think rattans, wickers and cane for new furniture pieces, linen throws and rugs. Lampshades in natural fabrics are also very on trend.

If you’re updating flooring, natural stone and terrazzo are making a huge comeback. They feel lovely underfoot as you step into a bath, with a gorgeous organic feel. If you’re updating the kitchen or bathroom, you can also look for hand painted wall tiles with some texture for a beautifully organic effect.

4. Prints to bring in the outdoors

Take the natural effect even further with the latest in botanic prints. Cushions, curtains and throws all offer a range of options. Don’t be afraid to mix and match: gently clashing patterns add to the charm.

Wall hangings are another way to add pattern, whether it’s framed pictures or fabric hangings.

If you’re experiencing a bit of spring wanderlust, look at batiks and tribal patterns to reflect your passion. Moroccan tile, Indian silks or Guatemalan prints are just the beginning, so explore what’s out there and choose something that speaks to you.

5. Hand made ornaments

Hand made ceramics with a rough or uneven finish make a lovely addition to today’s spaces, and can be used to great effect in every room. Wooden vases or ornaments are also very on trend.

Consider moving away from formal ornaments altogether and creating a display with natural found objects. Group river pebbles in a bowl, use tree stumps as occasional tables

6. Low water plants

Bringing plants inside is a timeless decor trick. And since it’s spring, cut flowers are definitely appropriate. For the latest look, however, consider low water options instead. A collection of interesting cacti makes a quirky centrepiece on the dining table. Pot succulents in unusual containers like a reclaimed teacup or clay bowl. You can even display native grasses in vases.

Spring is a lovely time to revitalise your home and fall back in love with your interior. Lighten up your living spaces and enjoy.

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